Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Not-for-profit doesn't have to mean not-for-news. Find out how to make sure it's positive news.

I can't tell you how many not-for-profit releases I've seen over the years. Their pitches usually have something to do with raising money. Keep in mind that it is not up to the 6 p.m. news anchor to do the fund-raising for you. But it is up to them to convey interesting stories to their public.

So what's in your release? Would it make a good "kicker"? Is there a current events "hook" to peg your pitch? Shout out your positive news in a way that has relevance. You will engage the media more successfully if the relevance to a general public is in your event. Find a statistic that will grab the media and start our your release with a, "Did you know…."

Did you know that our local Red Cross has seen a dramatic rise in the use of alternative heating sources. They know because the fires some of these devices caused left more families homeless one year. The statistic became a news angle for the local media.