Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Waniewski Associates was established to help organizations understand the culture of the news media. Tom Waniewski has almost 30 years in news experience and media relations with three Emmy’s from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

It is the goal of the company to help organizations understand why the media covers what they cover, and how to turn that into an organization’s advantage for positive, engaging coverage. Waniewski Associates believes that it isn't enough to have a relationship with the media. “The media is not interested in a relationship,” said Waniewski. “They’re interested in story ideas and straight talk.” The company was founded on that premise – to provide news outlets with quality experts while showing organizations how to temper negative news that may emerge.

Waniewski Associates has experience in helping a university offset negative publicity after a co-ed was murdered on campus. Later that year, working with the same university, Waniewski Associates provided sustained positive coverage of a successful capital campaign.

The company’s ideas stem from years of news producing experience and in-field tactical reporting. The company’s mission is to help organizations understand the culture of the news media to effectively engage the two sides for effective, quality coverage beneficial to both media and organization.