Monday, August 8, 2022
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Improve Your Reporters' Copy
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Thanks for checking in. Waniewski Associates, led by Emmy - award winning journalist Tom Waniewski, will help your business, government, non-profit organization, or school understand the culture of the news media. We specialize in electronic media and internet media, which continues to grow. In order to engage the media, you must understand its culture.
Waniewski Associates offers a variety of programs to help organizations understand media engagement. The variety of programs is intended to fit specific organizational needs. We offer:

  Long-term media engagement (generally based on an annual retainer).

  Project placement (generally based on a shorter, monthly contract).

  Instructional support (half-day or one-day seminars at your location with your media/pr/communications/marketing staff).
Is your news release worth reading? A first impression is a lasting one.

National and International Events can help your university get big mileage on the local TV station.

Not-for-profit doesn't have to mean not-for-news find out how to make sure it's positive news.